Give your child an international standard education

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The world has changed phenomenally in the past few decades but the educational methodologies unfortunately haven’t. Our vision is to bring a paradigm shift in the way we look at, talk about and think about education.

Learning at par with International Standards


We are teaching with the best tried and tested educational resources to enhance the learning process in every classroom in our schools. We are following the highest quality curriculum benchmarked with Singapore, US, UK and Australia education systems adapted as per Indian needs.

Aligned with the guidelines of NEP 2020, our curriculum is based on cognitive psychology, constructivist learning theory and incorporates the best teaching practices. The classroom conduction of this curriculum follows the 3C format of Connect, Conduct, and Conclude and is formulated from the 5E Instructional Model and the Inquiry-cycle Model, to build academic and life skills as well as transversal competencies.

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