Haryana’s first Experiential & Practical School

Smarto Experiential School is first ever Experiential School in Haryana except NCR. Students here learn by experiencing the things, feeling the situations & doing practicals. We donot support cramming or rote memorization, instead we belive in learning with logics, ratiocination.

Learning with logics without rote memorization. We emphasise on clearing the concepts, taking doubts, making healthy interactions among students and teachers.

An english medium school but with bilingual approach. Primarily, we teach in English then with must explanation in Hindi for better understanding.

All modern facilities like Smart Class/LED TV in every classroom, Air Conditioned Classrooms, Fire Safety, Clean and Hygenic campus, Filtered drinking water, Disabled friendly environment.

Well qualified and well trained staff. Regular international training to our teacher about international teaching techniques and curriculums makes the teaching very effective.

At Smarto Experiential School™, the students approach the natural world and human society through integrated units that emphasise direct experience in real-life contexts. Learning is grounded in reality, using narratives that invite children to grasp concepts and apply them to daily life, something that most Schools despite offering International curriculum miss out on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop-off begins at 8:50 AM Monday through Saturday. Dismissal is at 12:30 PM Monday through Saturday. Friday dismissal is 12:31 PM. Arrival is between 8:50-9:00 AM. Homeroom is 8:00-8:10 AM and Period 1 begins at 8:10 AM. Second, third and fifth Saturday of any month remains holiday.

Currently there is no dress code, but from 1st April 2022 definitely there will be dress code.

Students bring own lunch boxes and fruit, we don’t serve lunch in school.